Which Team Will Win Spanish La Liga?

After playing 25 games, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético Madrid have emerged the top 3 on Spanish La Liga in that order. During the first half of the season Real Madrid were clearly not looking as favourites, but now they are after coming 5 points behind to sit at the top with 63 points. Atlético completed the first half of the season with a stunning performance and even at this stage have managed 60 points just like Barcelona, but only disadvantaged by goal difference. Given that a decade has passed with no other team other than Real Madrid or Barcelona winning the Spanish La Liga, it seems like the wait for Atlético will continue. However, they still remain genuine contenders and can win if they beat all the odds set by king sbobet.

With Real Madrid sitting at the top of Spanish La Liga 3 points ahead of its close rivals, they now stand a good chance to win the league. There are more reasons for one to believe that might happen. They enter into week 26 looking stronger than their rivals. Earlier, Ronaldo returned from suspension and still motivated for wining Ballon d’Or. Even during his absence Xabi Alonso did an excellent job when he returned and helped the team to go on a winning streak. The team has Luka Modric who has emerged as an outstanding midfielder in the league. Perhaps the depth of talent that Real Madrid relies on was proven after beating Betis 5–0 with their goals coming from 5 different players.

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At this stage, the strongest rival of Real Madrid is definitely Barcelona which gave a stunning performance even without Leo Messi. The weaknesses noted of Barcelona included relying more on set plays for their goals. They looked even more exposed when they lacked Andres Iniesta and Neymar in their squad. But now with everyone back in this team, Real Madrid must defend their lead and avoid any costly mistakes. Their hope is to remain at the top as they enter into the last few games.

Looking at the stats after 25 games, Real Madrid is still far from eliminating their rivals as threats. They have scored more than Barcelona by only 1 goal but the rivals have conceded 4 less. Perhaps a few more matches might separate the teams, and confirm if Real Madrid will actually be the winners of Spanish La Liga this season. They are clearly the favourites if they don’t let their close rivals snatch it from them towards the last matches.

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